More than just leather

We focus on giving back to society more than we take, focused on sustainability and social entepreneurship

Our strenghs

sustainable and recycled

We use recycled materials, with a sustainable process that create neutral carbon footprint product based on leftovers.

Social entepreneurship

We give back to the place we get the material from creating employment in sub-developed countries

premium Quality

Our team of designers and product developers work in order to provide maximum quality products without compromising our core values

we are LeatherRe

We focus on the social entrepreneurship category as we are creating jobs in South America (starting with Colombia). We are part of the circular economy as we are helping farmers to manage the surplus of their production (amount)

We are upcycling the waste into the vegan leather products. This way we are creating value for those who are searching for a more sustainable alternative to synthetic and real leather, while helping a social cause. Our mango leather produces XYZ CO2 per 1m2.

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"I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple and understandable design!" - Roc

Hey! I am Roc Jimenez – Voxee media founder. My friends describe me as easy-going person, problem solver, independant employer with hight attention to details. Also I can work well under the pressure. I am a fan of MTB, outdoor activities and of course my biggest passion is Multimedia design. I am doing all projects with the utmost dedication – because there is simply no other way. I love what I am doing, that is why all projects are thought out to the last detail.

Roc Jimenez

Hi! My name is Marceli Arendarski. Currently I’m an intern at Voxeemedia! I have chosen multimedia desing and communication to develop my skills and passion, which is creating graphics, websites, and video post-production. I’m an IT technician, in addition to designing. After finishing my AP Degree I want to continue my studies and become Michelangelo of design!

Marceli Arendarski

Hello! I am Birute Alkeviciute – multimedia design intern with a knack for digital marketing. After different specialties I found my true calling embracing my creativity – Multimedia design. It is my firm belief that through the power of colors, style and design we can create beautifully crafted stories. Besides my passion for multimedia design, I enjoy roller skating and listening podcasts! Furthermore, I am a fan of psychological and detective books. My best features – gentle humor and respective communication.

Birute Alkeviciute

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